Why rethink sustainability?
Because sustainability’s not a policy on
the wall, it’s unrealised opportunity.

About Us

ReThink Sustainability can provide expert guidance in these key areas:


Efficiency, demand management, renewable generation, microgrids (Virtual Energy Networks), procurement, decarbonisation and electrification.

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Heating, storage and filtration technologies, management and policy development.


Director’s responsibility, climate risk assessment, ESG monitoring and reporting, integration of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), product stewardship.


Credible messaging and marketing strategies utilising mobile digital design and video production capability.


Programs delivery in environment, energy, climate, carbon offsetting options and ESG, using both traditional and online learning tools.

Products & Services

Smart products, energy management tools, solar systems & batteries, materiality assessments, ESG software, food waste accounting, life cycle analytics, air pollution control.

In the past year, people have seen the mounting physical toll of climate change in fires, droughts, flooding and hurricanes. They have begun to see the direct financial impact as energy companies take billions in climate-related write-downs on stranded assets and regulators focus on climate risk in the global financial system. They are also increasingly focused on the significant economic opportunity that the transition will create, as well as how to execute it in a just and fair manner. No issue ranks higher than climate change on our clients’ lists of priorities. They ask us about it nearly every day.

Larry Fink's 2021 letter to CEOs

Who We Are

Justin McFarlane
Executive Director, Managing Partner & Founder

Melbourne, VIC
Justin trained as a microbiologist and biochemist then developed a diverse skillset in marketing management, negotiation, change management, business planning and in environmental services management with Landcare Australia. He expanded his capability into HVAC and refrigeration technologies, geoexchange solutions, energy efficiency and renewable energy technology implementation. Justin’s interests are now include biosecurity, animal welfare, food fraud and waste and agribusiness.

Rob Gell AM
Executive Director, Founding Partner

Melbourne, VIC
Environmental geoscientist, former academic and television weather presenter with extensive knowledge of the sustainability transformation and wide experience with a range of non-profit, government and private organisations. Rob’s focus is on sustainable project design, business strategy, communications and marketing, responding to the need for business to be informed about new issues, trends and smart technologies in the emerging green economy.


Tim Bain

Sydney, NSW
Tim spent over 20 years working in Sydney’s property and construction industry and in government, private and non-profit sectors. He held senior executive government roles leading major construction projects, procurement, asset management delivery and sustainability solutions within operating businesses. Experience across the full property portfolio lifecycle has given Tim a deep understanding of the positive value of sustainable business solutions.


Brisbane, QLD
Sharon Denny is an energy, carbon and water specialist, focussed on ensuring community resilience. Her career has focused on identifying gaps, hurdles and opportunities for resilience outcomes, and connecting industry, government and community, to technical and policy solutions. This includes developing strategy, identifying policy and technology opportunities to implementing solutions. Sharon also has extensive university partnerships network in emerging technologies.



Melbourne, VIC
Rory is an Ecologically Sustainable Development (ESD) design specialist. From residential energy budgets for hydronic system efficiency to heat pumps, hot water boilers, co-generation, thermal technology in processing plants to wineries, distilleries and dairy farms, Rory’s ‘science meets the energy trades’ focus is to think differently, better use resources and practically apply smart technologies for improved functionality and better sustainability outcomes.

Founding Partner

Melbourne, VIC
Ken is a leader in the Cause and Sponsorship Marketing sector having raised over $160 million for environmental, youth and sports groups in Australia and the Pacific Region including Landcare Australia. Ken focusses on delivering value to all parties through the establishment of lasting mutually beneficial relationships involving high level networking relationships between clients and other public and private entities.

David Lynch

Melbourne, VIC
One of Australia and Asia’s foremost digital business leaders and advisors. David is deeply passionate about the convergence of technology and sustainability. A career in helping enterprises innovate, transform, and execute with speed, translating board level intent into outcomes across the enterprise. A pioneer in Asia’s Fintech sector including the establishment of accelerator programs and corporate sector partnerships and ecosystems.

Maroye Marinkovic

Melbourne, VIC
Maroye is a solution designer and communicator specialising in improving sustainability, efficiency, and compliance across value chains. He held several leadership roles at some of the world’s foremost sustainability and compliance solution providers, with more than ten years’ experience in digitalisation, circular economy, brand marketing, and business strategy. Maroye leads solutions development at the intersection of sustainability, digital transformation, and branding.


Melbourne, VIC
Peter is a major event sports specialist delivering over 50 International events in 15 years with a world-renowned venue.  Peter has extensive contacts within the motorsport industry and has developed robust relationships in corporate Australia and within government at all levels.   With an acute understanding of the triple bottom line Peter is committed to continual improvement and tailoring sustainable business solutions.


From 2017-2022 Andre provided National leadership and coordination for New Zealand’s largest and most successful biosecurity and pandemic responses, successfully aligning objectives and collaboration with NZ-AOG agencies, NGO’s and private sector. Career highlights include Government leadership and UNESCO executive management roles, heavy industry and military project implementation and compliance with an approach that engages and empowers networks and individuals.


Hamish holds qualifications in aircraft engineering, project management and asset management with business experience in construction, HVAC, agriculture, wine production, waste management and protected areas management. Hamish is passionate about assisting and ensuring transition of all sectors in both government and private to utilise sustainable alternatives that reduce negative environmental footprints through costs reduction in energy, water and waste disposal.



Stephen is an operations professional with a Bachelor of Science focused on Genetics, Botany and Microbiology from La Trobe University. He is an experienced manager with a demonstrated history working in the dairy industry and is skilled in soft, ripened artisanal cheese production, equipment design, hazard analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP), food technology and plant and process trouble shooting.



Chris has 20 years of experience addressing climate change, ESG and the UN SDGs. He has expertise in asset and risk management, carbon technology and markets. Previous positions include Director, North America, WBCSD; Climate Change and Sustainability Services at EY; ED at The Climate Group; MD at Swiss Re. Chris has a BA and JD from St. John’s University in NYC. 


Melbourne, VIC
Damian brings over a decade of experience providing clients with his carbon management, renewable energy and energy efficiency expertise. Damian has spent more than 10 years in a variety of solution development roles for leading financial service and energy companies (including GE) in Australia and overseas. His collaborative approach is critical to working to create solutions that deliver real value.

By integrating crucial services, we can help your business deliver preferred outcomes in truly sustainable operations.

ReThink Sustainability has a deep understanding of the myriad interlinked opportunities available to operate more efficiently

An individual, tailored consideration is necessary for the introduction and implementation of outcome based processes.

We believe sustainability demands an understanding of rapidly emerging trends

We bridge the gap to the digital world by providing a comprehensive suite of services and products, designed to support businesses as they transition

Sustainability services in outcome based change. We are a Sustainability Advisory Specialty Service Provider.


One of our specialisations is commercial energy cost reductions. We offer energy brokerage, consumption management, monitoring and storage solutions to commercial energy customers. For a free, no obligation assessment Click here

The carbonTRACK energy management hub sheds light on what uses energy in your home, office, or factory and helps you take action to save electricity. Manage your consumption anytime from your phone, tablet or computer.

Everperform helps businesses measure, understand and improve people. Everperform’s aim is to reflect the human capital asset value on a company’s balance sheet. Universal measurement frameworks inspired by sports psychology and science analyse data in real time, providing personalised insights to help individuals and managers improve their performance and provide an intelligent real-time view of firm-wide performance, wellbeing and relationships.

An Australian company originating renewable hydrogen production opportunities, coordinating the development of projects with support from expert consultants in engineering, modelling, technology, environmental impact, grant funding, legal and financial services, and project partners.

Circle Energy’s Mission is to drive down the total cost of energy for corporates, communities and consumers, with innovative technology, financing and network configuration, whilst leading the rapid uptake of renewable energy. 

Circle Energy enables energy users to maximise the benefits and minimise the costs of power.

Empauer provides processed-based product lifecycle management software and consulting services in supply chain and product lifecycle management using the ISO Certified eco-design tool, EcodEX which is used to uncover environmental impacts of products and packaging and design more sustainable products and DIRECT a software tool designed to measure, pinpoint, track, assess and enable you to reduce your food waste and associated costs. Click here to download the Empauer DIRECT brochure

Radius Energy is a leading provider of automation, process control and IT related products including solar, LED and other energy efficient lights, controls and sensors, power quality and testing solutions to build cost effective, results-based solutions, demanded by today’s digital economy.

TEM is a market leading carbon offset services company providing carbon footprint calculation, carbon offset procurement, and access to premier carbon offset projects worldwide that are verified by the highest international standards and deliver extraordinary, life changing benefits to people and the planet.

Based on the premise of ‘reducing energy costs’ Australian Climate Agencies is an importer and distributor of technical equipment for use in the commercial, industrial, agricultural and mining sectors. Our products combine efficiency and reliability through leading edge design and high quality manufacturing.

Bits in Sync is a Melbourne-based digital solution design studio specialising in improving sustainability, efficiency, and transparency across value chains. We bring together experience in digitalisation, circular economy, brand and business strategy, with deep knowledge of established and innovative technologies that can accelerate your sustainability journey.


Sustainability measures in real time

ReThink Sustainability has expanded its capacity to measure an organisation’s sustainability performance with an online tool that measures standard ESG measures together with mindset and behaviours. Data+ includes ESG sustainability hard measures such as energy and water consumption and Scope 1, 2 and 3 greenhouse gas emissions together with ‘soft measures’, mindset and behaviours.

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ReThink’s sustainability index – SDGi17

ReThink Sustainability acknowledges the United Nations ‘Global Goals’, the 17 Sustainable Development Goals, as the accepted international framework for delivering a more sustainable world. ReThink Sustainability has utilised the Sustainable Development Goals to create a tool that will measure an organisation’s sustainability performance.

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Virtual Energy Network

Our VEN platform transforms the way in which energy is managed from the traditional site by site model, to a model which allows control over how energy is sourced, generated, stored and distributed.

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Airlite® is the 100% VOC free paint that turns your walls into a natural air purifier.

Eliminating up to 88.8% of air pollution and 99.9% of bacteria and superbacteria including coronavirus.

A newly developed multi-technology paint, activated by UVA light repels dust and airborne particles and eliminates the major airborne pollutants (NO2 SO2), prevents the growth of bacteria, moulds and spores (which induce the most hazardous respiratory diseases), eliminates bad odours and prevents dirt and grime from attaching to the walls. Airlite® is self-cleaning.

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Jonix devices eliminate 99.9% of viruses, bacteria, organic pollutants and volatile compounds from the air.

Jonix utilises cold plasma technology, the most effective and safe at eliminating and taking down microorganisms present in the air in enclosed spaces e.g. elevators, train carriages, hotel rooms.

Jonix devices are certified and do not utilise chemical substances or disinfecting substances.

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eWater Systems

eWater Systems is an Australian owned company and market leader in commercial water electrolysis technology for food safety and infection control. Since our formation in 2007, we have developed a strong customer base that includes leading restaurants, hospitals, aged care providers, universities, convention centres and commercial buildings across Australia. Over this time, we have received a number of awards and certifications recognising the impact of this.

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Cocoon Cool Roofs

Cocoon Cool Roofs provides a cool solution for our changing environment through the application of nano-ceramic technology which provides a heat reflective, waterproof membrane over the entire roof area, delivering reduced air conditioning costs, reduced power consumption, reduced maintenance bills, and increased roof lifespan.

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